Westcoast R&R September 2020

After our Cederberg adventure, our first morning on the West Coast came bright and sunny, be it still very cold. We took a walk on the beach, grabbed a couple of mussels and had a mid morning mussel-brunch. Nice!!

We stopped at Elandsbaai (where we had been about 5 years ago) and took a walk on the beach. While we sat on a bench watching the surfers (very brave in this ice cold ocean, brrr), the Sishen train rolled by. Stefaan counted about 343 wagons. We’ve seen it once or twice before and it’s still a sight to behold: about 4 minutes of train driving past with 2 extra loco’s somewhere- I presume- at 1/3 and 2/3 of the full length of the train to help push this train along.

We continued to Elandsbaai South, where we remembered the flower fields of 5 years ago. There we struck drama: Stefaan realised he had lost his cell phone. I phoned from mine in the hope we could hear it ringing somewhere in the truck but were out of luck. We returned and stopped at every spot where we had gotten out of the truck to search for the phone. When we arrived at the estuary and beach, Stefaan got on a trot to the various places where he had been, taking my phone to keep on phoning his number. When he returned to the truck he seemed more relax. When I asked if he had found it, he said that when he phoned his number from my phone someone had answered and they were on their way to return it. This was Stefaan’s very lucky day. A million thanks to our special angels for the day- Adele, Stefan and Monica- to find and return his phone!!!

We returned to Elandsbaai South and took a walk on the boulders to see a little seal colony sunbathing on the rocks. 

As we had to collect a parcel in Langebaan, we continued the trip with lots of stop-and-go-roadworks. We took a break at a quirky farm stall.

We collected our parcel and found a camping spot at Leentjiesklip caravan park, where we parked Trokkie for a deserved day of R&R. That would include a bit of work for us and a rest day for her. The sun went down into a glorious shade of orange and clouds at the horizon (we presume) turned into a fiery flame display. 

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