cape town

Cederberg July 2021

After our few days of R&R at St Helena Bay, we headed for the mountains. As we came closer to the Cederberg mountain range we could see snow on the top of certain mountains and got excited like little kids. Although we grew up in Europe and know proper snow, we’ve seen very little snow …

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St Helena Bay July 2021

Most of June / July we hung around in Cape town, alternating between having work done at Trokkie by C&A Products and parking in front of my sister’s house to spend the weekend together. But mid July, when we had received our first Covid vaccine, our long awaited vehicle registration and Charles of C&A Products …

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Bo Kaap November 2020

Happy 2021 everyone! A new year and heaps of new year’s resolutions, one of them trying to get up to date with our stories. I  stopped writing for a Christmas break with our daughter and her family visiting from Jamaica and our last few stories of 2020 never made it to the blog.  So here …

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