Welcome to our life on (and off) the road!

Retired and with our family spread around the world, we decided to get out of here and hit the road to see a bit more of this amazing planet! Feel free to browse our photos and videos, read our stories and follow us on our travels.

Truck with a view explains itself. We got ourselves a truck and – starting in Africa – will be exploring the amazing vistas of this continent and then … who knows … as per Stefaan’s favorite expression: “depending where the wind blows us”.

We want to drive to places that leave us awestruck, walk between trees and up mountains and sip a glass of wine in utter silence when the sun goes down on untamed wilderness, endless ocean or desolate desert. We want to discover the grandeur of our natural environment – on wheels and on foot. We are privileged to be able to do this and we want to make the most of it for as long as we can.

We’ll share with you that what we enjoy most: the amazing magnitude and beauty of our planet. Hailing from Belgium but having lived in South Africa for almost 40 years has made us fall in love with the vast plains and endless horizons. We’ll also throw in some practical info and advice. We have learnt so much from other travellers, that we want to pay it forward and, in turn, share what we learn and experience along the way, so that you too can go and enjoy the great outdoors.

Why Truck with a view?  

Contact us anytime on truckwithaview@gmail.com and follow us on our travels.

Finally … this is Trokkie: our new home on wheels. Eventually- after unexpected delays due to Covid19- on 1 September 2020 we left the suburbs behind and hit the road. Let’s see where our road trip will take us.

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After our R&R day of catching up with washing, cleaning, and sorting out various odds and ends, we woke up
After our Cederberg adventure, our first morning on the West Coast came bright and sunny, be it still very cold.
So here we are! Finally on the road, with Trokkie sporting her new look with some iconic images of Africa:
After our visit to the Gannabos quiver tree forest and a night around the fire at a nearby bush camp
Marianne (one of our morning visitors in Niewoudtville when parked amongst the flower fields) had told us about a waterfall
September is spring time in South Africa and one of the not-to-miss things to see is the flower explosion in
Because we had not been able to do the Quiver Loop inside the Augrabies National Park this time around (which
Sishen On the 3 September we set out south towards Olifantsfontein and passed the massive Sishen mine set-up on the
From Kanoneiland we continued to Kakamas and Augrabies Falls. A trend we saw in Kanoneiland and we continued to see
D (departure) DayEventually - 1 September - D (departure) Day had arrived. Start of Spring (in South Africa) had been