Namibia- September 2021

This is just a short in between post that serves to inform you that one of these days our internet connectivity will be very scarce and far between. Our stories are running a month behind and this means that at this moment of writing and posting we are past Sesfontein into Kaokaland heading for the far north towards the Epupa Falls and then into Etosha.

This implies that we will not be able to work on stories that frequently. There is maybe one or two preplanned, but after that… we don’t know when we’ll have connectivity to publish the next post. If and when we are connected… I promise… more stories will follow. 

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4 thoughts on “Namibia- September 2021”

    1. A little bleep of internet while camping under the big Ombalantu Baobab in Outapi after travelling through Kakaoland (stories coming later). Having a great time! Spectacular landscapes with sometimes heart stopping scary moments!

    1. Yes Jimny, all we can say to people we meet every day: we should have done this 10 years earlier. Keep this in mind! Go do it when you’re young! 🙂

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