Mokala National Park – February 2022

Leaving Karoo National Park, we took again the road less travelled towards Victoria West and Mokala National Park. We passed some (big) bits and pieces of a wind turbine,  passed over a lonely straight railway line disappearing to the horizon and admired the Karoo grasslands shimmering under spectacular skies: although the weather had cleared up, there were still lots of clouds in the sky.

Seeing we were slap bang in the middle of sheep country, a meal of proper Karoo Lamb is a must. We found the perfect place at Ka’Roux restaurant on the main road of Victoria West and enjoyed a fantastic meal on the stoep, overlooking a cosy garden. When we asked the owner if it was ok to stay put in front of his establishment (after that really nice bottle of wine), he recommended we move a bit up into town and park on the private parking of his B&B Moonlight Manor.

We had a very restful night and took on the last stretch towards Mokala National Park. As always the journey takes some time: not only because Trokkie drives a bit slower than the other traffic on the road, but also because we adopt a “stop and go” routine. Not the one we are used to when there are roadworks, but the one we choose ourselves: stopping whenever it is safe and appropriate for a cup of coffee and a viewpoint break!

After some more mud road driving, we eventually arrived at the gate of Mokala National Park, which seems to be the youngest of all the South African parks. After a chat with the ranger, it seems that there was one camping spot left inside the park. Lucky us!

Next morning we started driving and yes… we saw the by now familiar sights of buck, zebra’s and giraffe. Even though this is staple in every game park, it is still an amazing view. Especially when you see the animals disappearing into the magnitude of the landscape! This is their environment and they have all the space in the world to roam around!

We bid our farewell to Mokala under stormy skies and now headed towards Johannesburg. Just a few more days and we would fly to Australia to see kids and grandkids. Yeay!

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