Happy Easter Everyone! April 2021

Our first Easter on the road was a bit different, to say the least.

Right before we went back to Kruger National Park for the second time, we spent one night in Sabie. We had travelled through the beautiful Blyde River area and seen the multiple waterfalls in this region (read here) and were looking for a parking spot to spend the night.

A friendly local, Johan, saw us driving around and, after hearing our dilemma, didn’t hesitate a second to invite us to park in front of his house. When we left the next morning, we promised to visit when we would be in that area again.

That opportunity presented itself when we came out of Kruger National Park a week later. As we were reasonably close by, we decided to make right on our promise, phoned and parked in front of their house- again- for the whole of Easter weekend.

Sandra spoiled us with a batch of quail eggs, which we had for breakfast on Easter morning.

Stefaan’s big fingers struggled a bit with the tiny eggs, but eventually got most out unblemished. We had quail eggs “2 ways” (to paraphrase the proper culinary term): sunny side up and scrambled. It was funny to see all these mini eggs in the pan! Yes… we still have to work on our Masterchef plating skills!

Johan got a braaifire going for Easter lunch, and we had a great afternoon at their beautiful, cosy and arty log house in Sabie.

When we left on Monday, Sandra gifted us with a special going away present with honey from Johan’s own bee-business and home made mampoer, quite appropriately named “on the road again”.

Thank you Johan, Sandra and Renhard for a very special and homely Easter 2021!

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