Fifty shades of green (and other colours) September 2020

After Lee’s birthday celebrations, they spent a few days with family and we got to work at Gavin’s workshop. There are still these millions of little (and big) things that we need to sort out for the truck. 

But on one of those beautiful mornings, we decided to rather take a ride to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and we would deal with shopping and working on Trokkie later.

Kirstenbosch is beautifully situated at the foot and on the slopes of Table Mountain and is renowned throughout the world. Besides the flora and fauna, the garden also showcases a selection of amazing sculptures.

It’s wonderful to walk around in the gardens with  fifty (or more) shades of green and bursts of colour around every corner. Birds and insects were very busy flitting from one flower to the next and feasting on the nectar. Some were even still enough to enable me to take a photo!

When we left the gardens we decided to go back home (to the workshop in Bellville) via the iconic Chapmans Peak with its beautiful vistas over Hout Bay. On a sunny day the sky reflects in the ocean and displays this amazing range of turquoises to deep blue.

A lot of work has been done on the Chapmans Peak Drive in the past so many years: stabilizing rock faces, building tunnels and overhangs and implementing toll road fees.

Chapmans Peak ends at Noordhoek with its wide expanse of pristine white beaches.

A beautiful break from the daily workshop grind!

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