Who Are We?

Travel before you run out of time.

A quote you can find in all formats and designs on the internet, and seems to be quite appropriate for us.


We are Stefaan and Lisbet and we are saying goodbye to life in the suburbs to hit the road and discover Mother Earth in all her splendour and beauty.  After growing up in Belgium, a lifetime in South Africa has taught us to appreciate the endless horizons and larger than life landscapes of Africa and has instilled in us a want for traveling and discovering more. We want to share our experiences and hope you will enjoy the ride with us!

With family in Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Australia and Jamaica, there is always this interval between continent hopping and family visits that you just cannot sit around at home waiting for the next hop and visit. We want to make every minute count and see things. Our kids (and grand kids) have flown the nest and the country, so (un)fortunately we’ve got heaps of time on our hands when we’re not visiting them – either in Australia or Jamaica.

Stefaan and I are the proverbial “opposites attract”. He is the Mad Math Man (engineer) who can do magic with numbers and can’t understand why I can’t understand math! But he is pretty clueless about  languages, colours and design, etc. I, on the other hand, am all that! This combination ensures a wide range of interests and focus on what each of us wants to see, do and experience.

“Travel before you run out of time!”

As said … pretty appropriate for us. We’ve passed the 60 mark and if we don’t start traveling now, we’ll never do it. So before it’s too late or we’re too old, we want to go see places that we only know from other people’s photos, websites and blogs. We want to go see with our own eyes!

Hence : bought the truck, build our house on the back and here we go!

Why Truck with a view?

Besides the logic explanation that our truck will most probably have amazing views, another sentimental reason for this name was our wedding song: Noel Coward’s “A room with a view” .  Now it will be a truck instead of a room ….

A room with a view
And you …

(listen here to the 1979 version of the song by Deco that we used at the wedding)   &  (find the lyrics here)

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